What exactly is TWIHAHF?

Have you ever found yourself randomly browsing car classifieds even though you are not in the market to charge your car OR buy another car?

Of course you have.

Or, walking down the street and seeing something tucked away in a hedge that you think, my god I’d love one of them to tinker with over the winter, drive during the summer or rag around a track.

Yeah, me too.

bentley turbo r

If you’re me, you’re currently looking at motorbikes on Facebook Marketplace and DoneDeal even though you don’t even have a motorbike licence. 🤦

Research I called it. THEN, I noticed other petrolheads were doing it too ‘cos they were posting about it on Twitter and Instagram.

This would make a cool series of blogs I thought, maybe even a regular segment… MAYBE, just maybe.

“What could I call such a thing” was my next thought. “It needs to be a joke ‘cos you look at nothing but shit boxes” a friend told me. Can’t argue with the truth, so it was born…

This week I have a horn for, or TWIHAHF for short. (The title implies that I will be writing these every week, which is a stretch.)

This series of posts is about cars that we see online and think “I didn’t realise they were still around” or “wow, thats cheap!” and then get lost in a rabbit hole of searching for parts, upgrades… you get the idea. In my case, they will probably be old, rusty and clapped out but I occasionally dip into the Porsche configurator and dream about winning the lotto, so there will be that too.

Gonna try make this at least monthly? Who knows, stick around and find out.

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